In every up and coming hipster town, there is a place to buy incredibly expensive drinks that take 20 minutes to make.

Bar Virgile, in downtown Durham, is that place.



The drinks are delicious and I have enjoyed many a beverage at the bar. I even suckered a guy into holding my purse once. But I think the most delightful thing about Bar Virgile is that the drinks are actually worth leaning against the wall.

Yup, it’s a teeny place.

But you can get something schmancy with egg whites. Right?

I’m just going to toss around hipster drink words to convince you to go there.



Balsamic Reduction


Mexican Honey


Ginger Beer

Saffron Simple Syrup



Still with me? Cool. There’s food there too. I’ve been for lunch a few times and paid a lot for fries. But very good ones.

Wait, I have another word.