I’m so pumped that I’ve booked my first trip of 2015.

2014 was a good travel year. I didn’t leave the country, but I visited Portland, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Rochester, Nashville, Asheville, and Philadelphia.

Not bad. Not bad, Randall.

I’m already starting to work on my next travel book, which I’m really excited about. I keep telling myself have to finish my second draft of Cold Island, before I can start a new one, but… I just can’t help myself.

In very early spring, I’ll be joining Shana (single girl partner in crime) and new friend Kate in Austin, TX.

The trip was inspired by circumstance (Kate is heading there for work, and we’re joining her), and fueled by a few factors… mostly this article about the best places to find Bloody Marys in Austin. 


Austin, here we come!

(Img Source:  Cameron Russell, via Flickr CC)