Tips + Advice For Cheap Solo Travel In 2018

Don’t have the budget to travel a lot, but still want to wander? Check out Melissa’s best (+ super affordable) drifty tips to getting around in 2018. Center your trip around an interest. This is honestly one of my favorite Drifty tips. Instead of trying to figure out a city to go to, figure out what you…

þetta Reddast | Travel Essays

The theater is dark now. A solitary couple, with matching grey hued short haircuts share a cross look. Glancing behind them, they look at the girl, who is shamelessly drinking a tall glass of wine, munching on popcorn, and snapping pictures.

Hey, It’s Adventure Time!

It was almost three years ago. A friend of mine called me with a life crisis. For some reason, she chose to confide in me. I remember that night fondly, and as to protect her privacy, I won’t go into too many details.

Liz | Travel Essays

It’s a Thursday evening, at dusk. The residential street I’m walking down is lovely. Cozy homes snuggled into hilltops. Vibrant red and yellow leaves scattered beneath cars, aside curbs.