See you soon.

Yesterday, I visited 21c Museum Hotel in downtown Durham. The museum is open even if you don’t stay there. So, on this beautiful and warm Wednesday, instead of staying cooped up in the office, my supervisor John decided to bring our department there. Earlier that morning, I was talking to my co-worker Michael (a programmer) via gChat.…

Small Worlds

For the past few weeks, I’ve been settling into Durham. So far, I love it. It feels really good to live somewhere that just clicks. I haven’t felt like this since I lived in Wilmington. Boom. But living in Durham has a price. I didn’t realize what that was until this morning.

Hello, Durham.

“Dada?” A chubby finger is pointed at me. I raise my eyebrows at the toddler staring at me, and give her a look that clearly says: Nope.

Goodbye, Raleigh.

“Are you laughing at me?” I asked, running up from the shoreline. Elizabeth, dusted in sand and laying on her beach towel, giggles. “Yes, you’re so cute,” she says in her slightly southern drawl, before going back to reading her art magazine. A few moments before, I had been standing on the shoreline. I was…