Sometimes, I like to write about things that other people won’t get to do.

Such as crashing at my friend Sandra’s totally awesome attic bedroom.

Detroit is full of big, fancy old mansions that have been converted into apartments, or shared space.

The house Sandra lives in (no specific details, obviously) is beautiful, creaky, and has a full-sized walk up attic that she gets to live in.

I got kind of nuts about it.

After running through all the ways I could rearrange my life to live here, after Sandra moves to a larger apartment in August, I decided to just enjoy the experience while it lasted.

It reminded me a lot of the attic at my grandmother’s house. The winding staircase was probably my favorite, as it made it seem like Sandra was some kind of princess locked away in a tower.

This fantasy would come to life later, after I got locked out of her house and had to call up to the open window from her backyard.

If I did live here, I think I would let Morris have most of the space, with me just holing up in this tiny nook.

Now before you get super salty, here are a few Airbnbs that would probably provide a similar experience.

Artsy River Loft Near Downtown

Steps to Downtown Detroit

Cozy and Sexy – up to 2 pp, breakfast and parking*

(*laughing my ass off that they used the word sexy)