The last time I attempted a water selfie, I ended up in the French Broad.

I gave it another go on Belle Isle.

They turned out OK.

Sandra and I decided to go kayaking at Belle Isle. The first time we drove out, we realized there was a fee to get on to the island. Cash only. We drove back into the city, dawdled a bit, returned, waited in traffic for an hour, only to get back to the gate and have the attendant let us in for free.

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The rentals were pretty affordable. We both went out our separate ways, Sandra choosing to go all around the lake we were in, while I paddled to the middle and just sat there for awhile.

I ran my hand through the cool water, and thought about jumping in. Instead, I laid back and closed my eyes. La Vie En Rose came to mind, so I softly started to sing it, paddling again around the lake.