Aw yeah, suckers – I WENT TO DETROIT. 

It was wonderful, just as I knew it would be.

A lot of people had opinions about Detroit (when they found out I was going), which I find to be the case about most major, up and coming cities. Detroit may not be as flashy as New York or well known as Los Angeles, but it’s new ground to explore.

And explore I did.

I understand people’s reservations about the city, but if you’re looking to check out a gritty, colorful, and vibrant new city, Detroit just might be it.

For anyone looking to visit, my drifty “A Hipster’s Guide To Detroit” is pretty much done and ready to check out.

There’s a lot more of these, but my favorite things about Detroit were:

I Saw Dave Fucking Chappelle At The Fillmore

The 2nd Best Farmer’s Market I’ve Gone To

Eating Pierogies Like A Hungry Savage