Wander, Snark. Repeat. 

Driftyland Editor-In-Chief, Melissa Randall, travels around the world and lives to tell her snarky, salty tales.

These reviews, rants, and essays are satirical and slightly offensive, thus not recommended for anyone to read.

A Drifty Guide To Rockland, Maine

Melissa wanders up to Rockland, Maine to renovate a RV.

A Drifty Guide To Asheville

She visits for the mountains, she goes back for the chocolate.


A Drifty Guide To Iceland

In 2014, Melissa quit her job and bought a one way ticket to Iceland. Four years later, and she's been back for two additional trips. Check out this whimsical, magical, cold island from her salty, slightly satirical point of view.

A Drifty Guide To Rochester, NY

Melissa went to high school in Rochester, New York.

Don't tell anyone.

A Drifty Guide To Carolina Beach

Melissa spends time between trips hanging at the beach with Morrie.


A Drifty Guide To Detroit

Melissa visits her dear friend, Sandra, in Detroit, Michigan. Follow her adventure through Motor City, creeping on cute boys, exploring farmer's markets, and seeing Dave Chapelle's triumphant comeback to The Fillmore. 

A Drifty Guide To L.A.

Melissa contemplates life advice from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love in the City of Angeles. Lemons are involved.

A Drifty Guide To Austin

Melissa explores Austin, Texas in search of hipster shit.

A Drifty Guide To Paris

Melissa contemplates love, French stereotypes, and Tinder during her three visits to Paris, France. Read about her adventures dancing with 80 year old men, napping under the Eiffel Tower, and reuniting with her former french foreign exchange student, Marion.

A Drifty Guide To Wilmington

Melissa wanders through her beloved hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina.

A Drifty Guide To Blönduós

Melissa and Mike hitch up to Blönduós, a small town in Northern Iceland to meet up with some new friends.


A Drifty Guide To Reykjavik

Melissa visits Reykjavik, Iceland and reports back on soup, nordic trends, and pig themed grocery stores.

A Drifty Guide To Norfolk

Melissa visits Norfolk, Virginia with Morrie to see Sandra.

A Drifty Guide To Berlin

Melissa creates new traditions in Berlin. This includes a famous cat.


A Drifty Guide To Road Trips

Catch the best cities that Driftyland has roadtripped to.

A Drifty Guide To Barcelona

Melissa and her best friend (also named Melissa) wander around Barcelona, Spain with Erica in tow.

A Drifty Guide To Buffalo

Melissa road trips over to Buffalo to take pictures, drink coffee, and get yelled at by cops.

A Drifty Guide To Porto

Melissa finds new life, sweltering heat, and tiles for her kitchen backsplash during her visit to Porto, Portugal. Read about her journey wandering through the streets of the northern city. 

A Drifty Guide To South Jersey

Against her better judgement, Melissa visits South Jersey with family.

A Drifty Guide To Durham

During her years based in the RDU area, Melissa explores the next great city and former tobacco empire, Durham.