I don’t know a lot about the Hollywood area. What I know, I don’t particularly like.

I was reminded of this again today after encountering a man in Starbucks (near the Chinese Theater and a lot of the touristy stuff), who felt the need to verbally harass an asian man for buying a printer. I paid $16 for a ride back to Studio City just to get away from that man.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Anyhoo, after my interview at Podshare (with owner/founder Elvina Beck, stayed tuned for that), I chatted with the friendly Australians staying there, settled into my “pod’, then met up with my friend Ashlie, who I went to film school with.


We grabbed a quick bite at Chan Darae on Cahuenga Blvd (close to CNN and Amoeba Records). I ordered a mountain of fried rice, broccoli and shrimp that could feed a family of four. Ash got steamed dumplings. After we ate, we contemplated what our next move would be. Neither one of us wanted to go to a club, so she suggested hookah.

We hopped into her car (after some random guy tried to sell us drugs), and went in search of a hookah bar. The first place we went was Koreatown, an area she’s not (and obviously, I’m not) too familiar with. We opted out of that one and I found a place via Google Reviews called Lotus. My friend Stephanie met us there.

So there’s a very good chance this place doesn’t actually exist, because it’s way too awesome. The bouncers were super friendly, the drinks and food were cheap and the hookah ($20 for a basic flavor, Pomberry) lasted for three hours. It was even better since Ashlie can blow O’s with smoke, and I had a lot of fun watching her do that.


This place is on a residential(ish) block, so it’s a bit out of the way and seemingly, out of place. But then I figured it out – these people are brilliant. Not only do they have hookah, tons of seating, sushi, and a bar, they’re not near any other bars. Thus, no bar hopping. When you’re there, you’re there, and you don’t need to go anywhere else.



They offered something called all you can drink Thursdays (for $20) that I would have been more excited about if it were a Thursday. Ashlie and Stephanie were pretty pumped, as they can come here whenever they want. The sushi was fairly cheap, and there were tons of big, comfy areas to spread out. The seating areas have body pillows and oriental rugs to sit on – four of us were comfortable in one. Lotus has the essence of a beer garden – a wide open space with white christmas lights and high ceilings.


I took more pics of the inside, but the reddish lighting just doesn’t do it justice. If you’re local to L.A., I’d highly recommend just going and checking it out. Besides sushi, they have Shabu-Shabu, which Stephanie gets often and says is really good.

Lotus is at 3742 South Flower Street. There’s ample street parking. It’s also within walking distance of the USC Metro stop, so if you’re looking to get crazy and stuffed full of sushi on a Thursday, this is definitely the place to be.