When I was in Paris in 2016, Erica and I celebrated Three Kings Day with Marion and Laurent.

The traditional hidden toy in the cake was a tiny Buzz Lightyear.


Three Kings Day is a holiday in Paris, but also, a fantastic reason to get drunk on a Wednesday night with your Parisian friends. To prove it, here’s a silly photo of Laurent after taking shots of the 1919.


My little sister, Erica, who made the second trip with me, actually found the toy, making her the king.

I still resent her for it, obviously.

Feeling the defeat of my King loss, I spent the rest of the evening tipsily (is that a word? It is now) Facebook messaged my crush back in the United States and hoped he’d realize how cultured I was.

I may or may not have achieved that.


Drifty Rank: 9/10 French activities you can’t do because
you don’t know Marion and Laurent.