Porto was full of surprises.

And God, it was hot.


On my first night in Portugal, I took a long walk through Porto's winding streets.

With a camera.

The neighborhoods seem to go on for days and days.

Strange Fruit


I go through all of the fruit I found at the Bolhão Market, and try them one by one. 

(Plus, a brief tour of my studio apartment in Porto.)

I think I have a real future in making obnoxious YouTube videos.

Drifty To Dos

#1. Snag Some Portuguese Tile

When it comes to getting Portuguese tile, Lisbon is really the place to go.

I, of course, went to Porto instead.

#3. Eat Duck Fried Rice

Pig out on crispy, slightly toasted Portugese fried rice.


#4. Shop Second Hand

Armazen is full of old steam trunks, tins,
and other hidden treasures.


#5. Get Bummed At Livraria Lello

Despite my salty nature, I do not like slamming tourist traps.


#6. Rent An Apartment 

This is not the time to cheap out on accommodations.


#7. Photograph São Bento

 Train ticket optional, camera required.


#8. Buy Fruit At Bolhão 

You won't know what most of it is.


#9. Watch The Sun Go Down

A cliche, yet absolutely recommended way to spend an evening here.


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