It’s a Thursday evening, at dusk. The residential street I’m walking down is lovely. Cozy homes snuggled into hilltops. Vibrant red and yellow leaves scattered beneath cars, aside curbs.

Cycling in Asheville

“Matt, smile.” I hold my phone at a different angle, cutting out my face. Tess smiles and Matt glances over. “Let’s do another one,” I say. We try again. Matt’s face is even more awkward. “Matt doesn’t need to be in the picture,” Tess decides.

Gratitude and joy.

“Wait, am I still in your phone as this?” My thumb is hovering over a contact, “Melissa W from Queensboro”. The petite, dark haired girl driving confirms it, then offers to update it. “It’s fine,” I say, texting myself the photo I wanted. We’ve just left Chimney Rock. She’s carefully steering our Nissan Note (a rental) back down the…

Read This Before Going To Asheville, It’s Urgent(ish)

A lot of my readers are from North Carolina, however, many are not. When I told my co-workers I was headed to Asheville for Halloween weekend, I got the mandatory Carolinian response: “Awww, Asheville? Have you ever been? YOU’LL LOVE IT THERE.” With the exception of Smoopsie (Lane), no one from outside the state knew…