Cafe del Mar

It’s a Sunday. Suspicious Minds, right off Elvis’s #1 hits album, is streaming on Tidal. “We can’t go on together,” he wails. “with suspicious minds…” My love for Elvis is one of my best guarded secrets. This isn’t a hipster thing, I once had an affinity for slick back hair – a strange, school girl…

“It Does”

It’s pouring. I race from my car, fumbling as I slide my arms into the grey Method Savvy sweatshirt from the back of my SUV. I open the door to Folks on 4th, immediately greeted with a chill from the air conditioning and soft, ambient lighting. It’s quiet.

Sippin’ Tea At Stukuhusid Cafe

Welcome to the Westfjords! The most northern part of Iceland, the Westfjords is home to adorable puffins, spotty internet, and tons and tons of fjords! More about that later. Here’s what you should expect upon your triumphant arrival.

I Finally Wrote A Review About Joule

The waitress hands me a spork. “What’s that for?” Nikki asks. “Oh, it’s for the grits,” I explain, placing it carefully next to my knife. “But I’m not using it. I think sporks and spoons are disgusting.” Nikki sighs, with a hint of amusement, and says: “Of course you do.”