The Dude Abides in Reykjavik

When you hop over to a foreign country, you just wanna grab a cold one, right? Meet up with some cool kids that probably won’t steal your passport or leave you tied to a flag pole or anything?

Sup, Turtles?

For my birthday one year, I was gifted with a trip to NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Since I’m the way of hipster, I was also gifted with an exclusive behind the scenes tour.

Crashin’ At The Hive Art Gallery

During my 24 hrs in Phoenix, I crashed at the Airbnb/Shasta trailer behind The Hive Art Gallery. I spent a few hours chatting with the friendly owner, Julia, as well as the coffee shop barista, who advised me on awesome places to go to Mexico. I spent a good 45 minutes browsing around the secondhand…