Gettin’ Vertigo on a Volcano Crater

While in Iceland, I took a long, sleepy bus ride with Iceland Excursions to Saxholl, a volcano crater located at the very tip of their western peninsula. Located in Snæfellsjökull National Park, it’s probably one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen.

Puffin Peepin’ in Látrabjarg

Puffins, the second most adorable creature known to man (Jason Segel is the first) are a huge contrast to the staggering, deathly cliffs of Látrabjarg, Iceland. Located in the mystical Westfjords, the cliffs are off the beaten path. You’ve got to hitch or drive there. Of course, I chose the latter. Luckily, a lot of tourists go there, so…

Sippin’ Tea At Stukuhusid Cafe

Welcome to the Westfjords! The most northern part of Iceland, the Westfjords is home to adorable puffins, spotty internet, and tons and tons of fjords! More about that later. Here’s what you should expect upon your triumphant arrival.