The Dude Abides in Reykjavik

When you hop over to a foreign country, you just wanna grab a cold one, right? Meet up with some cool kids that probably won’t steal your passport or leave you tied to a flag pole or anything?

People, Lines & Idiots

During my last trip to Iceland, I didn’t go to The Blue Lagoon. I don’t remember why, it just didn’t work out. I was cool with it. Whilst hitchhiking, I happened upon Myvatn Nature Baths – basically the same thing, but smaller. Plus, they had cake there.

Fields of (Dead) Fish

  When I first arrived in Reykjavik, I had no idea how much Icelanders loved dried fish. The night we flew in, we went to a local grocery store since it was the only thing that was open.

New Years In Iceland | Travel Essays

I desperately tap on my phone. “It’s dead,” I say loudly as someone brushes past me. “Dammit.” The British equivalent of Aziz Ansari, Shami, grins at me and says, “It doesn’t matter. No one will believe you.” He starts laughing, near maniacally as he has all night. He disappears into the crowd of young travelers…

Fucking Lava Moss

“Something is happening,” says Villy. “We’re not sure what this area will look like in ten years.” Villy, the Iceland Excursions tour guide, is driving us to Grindavík, a small fishing village outside of Reykjavik. He informs us that all of the mountains we see in Iceland are indeed, volcanoes, some still at risk of…