That Time I Drove To Maine | Travel Essays

I’m in a cocoon, nestled in my duvet and a thick blanket. Something stirs, and I open my eyes. I can only see the silhouette of a man. He’s sitting in the driver’s seat of my SUV, hot steam bellowing out of what looks like a stainless steel travel mug. He takes a sip.

Choice Vintage

I was on my way to hike Mount Battie, when I passed through Camden and spotted these treasures. The sighting inspired an almost two-hour delay to my mountain top ooh-ing and awe-ing.

Breakwater Lighthouse

The Breakwater Lighthouse in Rockland Harbor was one of the best parts of my time there. I walked out on the rocky pier, which reminded me a lot of the large rocks you can walk on in Reykjavik’s harbor.