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It’s early evening in Wildwood. I just spent the day exploring Cape May, one of the more affluent and hoity toity beach towns in Southern New Jersey, mother, aunt, cousin and father in tow. At one point, my parents and I went wine-tasting, a joyous yet disappointing activity where my mother and I made similarly…

Cape May, New Jersey

I spent an afternoon in Cape May, NJ with my parents. A small, pristine resort town, Cape May is super family friendly. We went wine tasting, tried different flavors of peanut butter, and took terrible selfies. #allthewrongangles

Wildwood, New Jersey

I spent a week with my family in Wildwood, NJ. The vintage motels, busy boardwalk and long, lazy days on the beach were the epitome of a family vacation. Thanks for inviting me along, guys! Sorry I worked so much.