Cafe del Mar

It’s a Sunday. Suspicious Minds, right off Elvis’s #1 hits album, is streaming on Tidal. “We can’t go on together,” he wails. “with suspicious minds…” My love for Elvis is one of my best guarded secrets. This isn’t a hipster thing, I once had an affinity for slick back hair – a strange, school girl…

The Brooklyn Salon on 4th

I have a new hair salon. Upon moving to Wilmington, I unfortunately, had to suspend my long-term relationship with Arrow Salon in Downtown Durham. They’re still absolutely killing it, and though Stephanie B. over there will always be my hair guru, I had to find a place here to cut/trim the mop that is my…

“It Does”

It’s pouring. I race from my car, fumbling as I slide my arms into the grey Method Savvy sweatshirt from the back of my SUV. I open the door to Folks on 4th, immediately greeted with a chill from the air conditioning and soft, ambient lighting. It’s quiet.

Sup, Turtles?

For my birthday one year, I was gifted with a trip to NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Since I’m the way of hipster, I was also gifted with an exclusive behind the scenes tour.

Happy Birthday, Rachel.

It’s a Friday. “Do  you want to dance?” the dark haired, slightly exotic looking guy says. “Depends. Are you going to make it weird?” I ask, loudly, trying to be heard over the sound of Pravda’s speakers. Maybe it was the couple of drinks I had, or the shot of fireball I insisted we take,…