Before last week, my knowledge of Palm Springs, CA was limited to one really bad episode of 90210.

When I visited California, I called my buddy A.J. – he lives in L.A. – with ideas of what to do in and around the area. My gracious host suggested visiting Palm Springs. I agreed – the only thing I really wanted to do in California was get tacos, and once that was done, I was down for anything.


A.J.’s accomondation of choice was The Ace Hotel – once an old Westward Ho and Denny’s, now a modern, trendy hotel complete with trendy, vintage inspired Southwestern decor, pool and spa….and oh yeah, a nightly drum circle.

I have to admit, this hotel was one of the best places I’ve ever stayed. Aside from being really clean and within a short cab drive from local bars, The Ace had a ton of other awesome features I loved:










Super cozy, clean beds with crisp white linens.
Super cozy, clean beds with crisp white linens.
Don't forget the $200 commune blanket.
Don’t forget the $200 commune blanket.

I really want to go back.

I’d like to revisit Palm Springs and go dune buggying or something. Or maybe eat some more tacos. Besides some bar-hopping, and an arts festival exclusively catered to really old people, I didn’t see enough of the desert.

Oh – but I did see up Marilyn Monroe’s skirt. That counts for something, right?

Oh, hi there.
Oh, hi there.