When you hop over to a foreign country, you just wanna grab a cold one, right? Meet up with some cool kids that probably won’t steal your passport or leave you tied to a flag pole or anything?

Well, if you’re in Reykjavik, Iceland, you just bee bop yourself over to The Lebowski Bar on the main street downtown.

Where, exactly? Google the address, fools! I ain’t your Google.


Every single time I’ve come back to Reykjavik, regardless of if I had wandered over to Hafnarfjörður or up to the Westfjords, The Lebowski Bar was always waiting for me to come back. It’s the place I met my New Years friends, and the bar we kept returning to.

I mean, it’s LEBOWSKI themed.

Not obnoxiously, of course. You’d probably forget that was the theme after a drink or two. But it seems really welcoming for travelers, and although I’m really not super toursity, I LOVE this bar!

The beer wheel could be to blame (hey, guys – remember when Andrew won us 20 BEERS?!), but I think it’s just super fun and not just for travelers looking to meet cute guys at all.