I was on my way to hike Mount Battie, when I passed through Camden and spotted these treasures. The sighting inspired an almost two-hour delay to my mountain top ooh-ing and awe-ing.

But well worth it.

One of my best kept (and probably, least interesting) secrets is that I love old cars. My time writing content for Empire Covers really got me into going to car shows. It also plagued me with a red-hot desire for an Austin Healey.

I almost bought one once, before remembering I had no means or experience in vintage automobiles.

But I can still enjoy a good fantasy now and again. When I think of vintage cars, I always think of that scene in Nine when Daniel Day Louis is driving his tiny whatever through the Italian hills. Of course, Daniel Day Louis is swapped out for yours truly and my imaginary adventure photographer boyfriend, Hunter St. Grey.

Speaking of fantasies, Hunter darling, in addition to an Austin Healey, I will also accept a hunter green Triumph, or the boxy yellow Jeep from 50 First Dates. Note that if Drew Barrymore herself does not paint giant white lilies on it, it will not be counted and you will be dumped for Jason Segel.