Writing Samples:

How To Be A Successful Project Manager

“In 2014, I took a job that would change my life.

Everyone starts motivational blog posts like that, right? About how some kind of life changing circumstance set them on the course to success? About how all of the hard work and perseverance was worth the struggle?

Yeah, this isn’t going to be like that.”

Edit Outsourced Writing In 30 Minutes Or Less

“I never planned to be in marketing that long. A writer at heart, marketing hooked me early, leading to a nearly seven year long inbound marketing career.

While unexpected, the project management and content creation skills I’ve acquired have contributed a lot to my career…with one specific superpower.

I’m really good at editing crappy copy.


How I Started Trusting Life’s Timing

“As a modern day hippie, I read a lot of articles about being fulfilled.

I spend free moments bookmarking Facebook articles, and skimming through The New Yorker. I drink too much coffee, then lose myself in content.

Overcaffeinated hippie.”


“Melissa Randall moves. She doesn’t sit. She doesn’t wait. She takes action. I’ve never met a more adventurous person. She isn’t scared of anything, and that desire to tackle the most difficult challenges is what sets her apart.

Her creativity lives not in the usual places of muses and spark of inspiration, but in her willingness to dive in and deal with the messy business of learning and exploring what is possible. At the same time, she is organized and can read the needs of the people around her to anticipate roadblocks before they become a problem.

When you combine her willingness to risk and ability to suss out difficulties before they arise, Melissa is someone I’d want on my side no matter where the road less traveled may take her.”

John Pelphrey | Project Management Lead