What does it feel like when all of your dreams come true?

Apparently, like standing too close to a waterfall. A bit damp, but still pretty freakin’ awesome.


Here I am looking majestic as all hell. Just look at that aspiring gaze, people. You can’t fake awe like that.


Goðafoss is pretty spectacular. Here’s a picture of me all tucked away like an adorable lil’ Polly Pocket! I spent the afternoon gazing out over the abyss like I was in a Sheryl Crow video, then I set up camp nearby.

I’m not sure if I was supposed to, but I did anyway. I didn’t see any signs saying I couldn’t, I picked a safe spot, and there wasn’t anyone else around. Plus, I paid the local campsite that wasn’t too far away, so I figured it was forgivable.

These falls are massive. You will take lots of pictures. You will post the pictures on Facebook and people will be impressed by how outdoorsy you are. Especially those found on Tinder.

I should note that if you stumble over the falls, you will drown. Don’t maybe do that. But you should venture up North to check it out. It’s also not too far from the previously mentioned Myvatn Nature Baths, so it’s a toofer!



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