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    It’s hot. My grey tank has become another layer of skin. I run my hand through my short, cropped hair, taking a deep breath as I push forward. The only other sound on the quiet, remote trail is buzzing from some bumblebees. Besides me is Seymour.

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  • Brave New World


    It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’ve just returned from the beach. My family is renting a house for a few days in Wildwood, NJ, where they all have fond memories from childhood. I just need to know where all of the local Wawas are.

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  • New Energy


    I met the witty, intelligent Sandra during my New Year’s trip to Iceland. Morrie and I spent a night with her in Norfolk, envying her Carrie Bradshaw-esque city apartment and access to an artsy, waterfront downtown.

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    “Matt, smile.” I hold my phone at a different angle, cutting out my face. Tess smiles and Matt glances over. “Let’s do another one,” I say. We try again. Matt’s face is even more awkward. “Matt doesn’t need to be in the picture,” Tess decides.

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  • Mirage


    When I started writing this post, it was very different. I wrote very defensively, as I have in the past, about why I haven’t seriously dated anyone in two years. Or at least, why I thought I haven’t seriously dated anyone in two years.