The Introspective Tom Grott

It’s the winter of 2007.

I just got out of my English class, and I’m walking down a long, narrow staircase at Cazenovia College. It’s dark outside, the quad illuminated by a few overhead lamps. Snow is delicately falling from the sky, adding a thin, soft layer to the 1-2 feet already on the ground.

Suddenly, I’m hit from behind with a cardboard box.

“What the–” I don’t even have time to finish the sentence.

Something out of a Warner Brothers cartoon whizzes by me, running down the stairs, two at a time. It opens the front door, and darts outside.

It’s my friend and classmate Tom.

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Don’t Put Me In A Numbered Box, Bitch

I came across an infuriating article today – “27 Things You Must Say Goodbye To At 27“. I love list posts, and by the title, I expected to find a lot regarding poor personal finance, maybe some relationship advice, fashion, etc.

Instead, what I found was a curated list of expectations of what a 27 year old, or any woman in her late 20s,  should be. The author said that once she realized “most of her friends are moms”, she decided there were things she should give up on. She encouraged the rest of us “27 year olds” to the same.

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via Les Haines on Flickr Creative Commons

Cats, Singapore & Kelly Jean

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized something about myself. I find a lot of joy in people. It’s one of the reasons I started writing about ambitious, creative individuals. I’ve realized how fortunate I’ve been to have lived so many places, and to have met so many of them – many of which, I’m still in touch with.

One of those places is Cazenovia, N.Y., and one of those people, is Kelly Jean.

Close to ten years ago, I took a drawing class instructed by an intense German man. I was still in my artist phase then. I met Kelly, and we bonded over our mutual appreciation of our professor’s thick-accented absurdity.

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Boots & Bloody Marys

I’m so pumped that I’ve booked my first trip of 2015.

2014 was a good travel year. I didn’t leave the country, but I visited Portland, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Rochester, Nashville, Asheville, and Philadelphia.

Not bad. Not bad, Randall.

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Shark Shaped Rocket Ships

Every year, I’ve written a New Years post. This year was never going to be an exception, and I thought a lot about what I wanted to say. I even wrote two posts, both that I thought were pretty good.

I just couldn’t publish either of them.

Because I’m tired of posting polished, shiny shit.

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I Knew He Was Lying

I love car rides. They give me time to think.

(And of course, the opportunity to throw myself a private Celine Dion concert… where I’m Celine Dion.)

I was driving to Wilmington for Christmas. I have family there (which as described, are “as family” as I get). I decided against going up to my folks place in Rochester, since driving 13 hours alone, each way, didn’t appeal to me. Plus, they volunteered to head down to Raleigh to check out Method Savvy’s new digs, and get to know a little about my life here.

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Thanks, 2014.

Last night, I came home after drinks out with friends, to find my co-worker, roommate and first work friend Grace, lying in her bed with her puggle, Coco. Without saying anything, I climbed in with her, she switched on Girls.

I already know, it’s going to be one of my favorite Christmas memories. Have you ever had a seemingly mundane moment, but for some reason, just makes sense? Something clicks. I’ve been fortunate enough to have so many of those this year, although I’m embarrassed to admit I ignored the ones I didn’t like.

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Ryan Dilmore’s Los Angeles

via Ryan Dilmore's Facebook

via Ryan Dilmore’s Facebook

When I caught up with Ryan Dilmore about his upcoming album, we also discussed Los Angeles. Ryan’s originally from Rochester – where he and I first met, but since, has moved out to California to pursue his budding music career. Check out Ryan’s favorite places in L.A., including the dreamy Griffith Observatory, a personal favorite of mine.

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