“You’re actually going to write and record hundreds of songs.”

A few weeks ago, I came across this quote.

“You’re actually going to write and record hundreds of songs.”

It was a part of an interview with Frank Ocean, made into an inspirational kind of image, from Pinterest. Or something.

Here’s the original picture.

Essentially, a fan asked Frank Ocean to explain his current situation to his five-years-ago self. Ocean recaps his last five years, complete with disappointments and failures, to get to his current self. Of course, his current self is hanging out with Jay Z.

I was intrigued by this, so I decided to follow the same exercise.

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You are not a renewable resource.

I was reading a Reddit thread today with an incredible quote from a Redditor:

“You are a precious resource.”

The word “resource” sums up, so perfectly, all the energy, passion and time we have on this planet. That line inspired this post and this slight rephrasing: You are not a renewable resource.

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With Sophia Bush

Jim Carrey & I Share The Secret Sauce

I’ve told and retold the story of Melissa’s 100…. well, about a hundred times. But I’ll do it one more time, in the interest of this post. I made a list of things to do while my ex was deployed, some more impressive than others. I worked my way through it, and by the end of my journey, had met Sophia Bush, gotten Denis Leary’s autograph, cooked with a professional chef, and went indoor skydiving. I felt like a boss. 

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11 Chances to Escape Your Life… For Real & For Free

After my trip to Europe, a lot of people asked how I could afford it. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t cheap. Being frugal was a challenge day after day, and although Mike and I tackled it the best we could, there were days we were completely broke.

Luckily, between the two of us, we had money from selling both of our cars, as well as pay from remote work. But traveling for long periods of time isn’t cheap. That’s why websites such as trustedhousesitters.com (which I used), Airbnb (which we both used), and Workaway (have yet to use) are becoming really popular.

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