Eastern Market is a place to eat.

To see vendors, yes – but mostly just opportunities to eat.

There is so much of Detroit I didn’t get to discover, including Eastern Market. It reminded me a bit of Rochester’s Farmer’s Market, but much larger in size. In the not published favorite Farmer’s Market list that runs through my head, Detroit is #2, with DuPont Circle’s Farmer’s Market still holding on to #1.

Rochester has been bumped down.

In addition to the surprising size of the market, I also thought it was adorable that everyone had wagons. That adoration turned to annoyance as the wagons clogged up the aisles, but it was fairly easy to avoid them.

While mostly food vendors, there were also a few places to shop vintage and thrift. Also craft vendors, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to those.

I really liked all of the urban exploration the market allows. There were a ton of great murals scattered around the neighborhood the market is in. Whenever I return, I will exclusively return to take pictures of all of them.

I wish I had longer to explore the place (and by explore, I mean eat). I had some awesome pierogies and tried a spicy iced chocolate espresso, but would have wanted to sink my teeth into a few other plates I saw floating around.