I love pierogies. I kind of have to, because I’m 49% Ukrainian.

What’s Ukrainian? It’s kind of like being Polish. Look at a map.

Anyway, I get spidey sense tingles whenever I know pierogies in the area, so when Sandra and I were at Eastern Market on my first full day in the city, I could feel those potato dumplings.

“I bet there’s pierogies around here,” I said, looking around in suspicion. Feeling super smart, I added:

“I’m definitely getting some once we find them.”

Sandra, who is by far the more observant one, kind of laughed and said:

“Yeah… they’re literally right there.”

I was standing next to them.

“OH!” I exclaimed, choosing to ignore my blonde moment in pursuit of hot, sexy balls of dough.

Damn, pierogies are good.

I mean they’re good. THEY’RE REALLY GOOD. The ones I had were potato and cheese (classic), artichoke, as well as a corned beef one that was just okay. The pierogies from Peoples Pierogi Collective didn’t have the oily taste of traditional pierogies (you can only get that from the blood, sweat and tears of an old Ukrainian woman making these).

But they were still pretty damn good.

Here’s an attractive video of me eating them.

Miss manners.

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Line up, gentlemen.