Sandra gets full credit for finding Frenchmen Art Market.

On her last night there, we wanted to do something low-key, so we sought out a place to get a drink. When we found our trendy bar of choice deserted, we resorted to checking out the market.

The place was full of local artists peddling kooky, framed illustrations, beaded headbands, and quirky necklaces with offense words printed on them. I ran from table to table with glee, collecting business cards, and writing down Etsy shop names.

You know, for when I’m ridiculously wealthy and can afford such extravagant things.

The phone booth was my favorite.


This is actually where I am whenever I answer the phone.

GTFO of my frame, gurl. 


Looks like an awning, actually a fancy birdcage for peoples.


I think they forgot something.


Art! Here! Right Here! Now!


Don’t take photos, they said.
You’ll steal our ideas, they said. 


S A N D R A.
Just chillin.

Drifty Rank: 8/10 chain necklaces with the word “cunt” on them.