I started following Patton Oswalt on Twitter during the election.

I was a bag of anxiety then, seeking out any kind of reassurance that things weren’t going to go to shit immediately.

I was imagining some real Mars Attacks apocalyptic scenes on election night.






I long for the days this was all a fucking joke.

But anyways, we’re in the real shit now. Up until this point, the only effective remedy for my political panic attacks have been comedian Patton Oswalt’s timely quips. I rarely talk about politics on Driftyland, but I’m making an exception to feature the comedic gold that Oswalt has dug out of the massive, steaming, and heartbreaking pile of crap we’re all buried in.

We’re laughing through our tears, America.


This one from @BenHBailey is also very funny.

This will never be a place to talk politics. But it will be a place for me to share whatever tactics I can think of to temporarily (like, two minutes) give my feelings a break from my constant disgust, disapproval, and complete exhaustion about what’s happening in this country right now.