A lot of my readers are from North Carolina, however, many are not. When I told my co-workers I was headed to Asheville for Halloween weekend, I got the mandatory Carolinian response:

“Awww, Asheville? Have you ever been? YOU’LL LOVE IT THERE.”

With the exception of Smoopsie (Lane), no one from outside the state knew where I was referring to. To be fair, I only told my Mom, but she’s reason enough to write an informative blog post.

Love you, Joan!

We had a luxurious stay on some of Asheville’s most comfortable futons and in some of their most popular guest rooms (we Airbnbed it). I walked away with a lifetime of knowledge about Asheville I feel compelled to share. It’s basically everything you need to know about what Asheville has to offer prior to visiting for the first time.

During your visit, you’ll find:

Places To Eat With Hip Names


I don’t care what your name is, as long as you taste like foods.

Food That Doesn’t Belong In Food


Chips with drizzled honey? Burgers with corn bread quesadilla buns? My head couldn’t stop spinning. Madness.

Concert Selfies


If ya’ll wait in a line for a concert for seven hours, you better take a selfie! Hey, I don’t make the rules. Actually, now that I think about it, you should probably take selfies at any winery you stop at during your drive home.






If you don’t like coffee, you can’t come to Asheville! Sorry, again – I don’t make the rules.

Things Made of Wood


Things made of wood are Asheville’s favorite things.

Tasteful Floral Arrangements


If you don’t like nature, get out. Just get out of Asheville. They reinforce this with the lovely flowers atop every table.



 It’s wet. It’s everywhere.

Views from Buildings


The tops of parking garages are lovely this time of year.

Dogs Dressed As Something Else


Things are not always as they seem.

Avetts Dressed As Something Else


 The cowardly lion plays a mean fiddle.