I've been to Paris three times, and I still feel like I don't know her.

But man, can she swing.

Very, Very




"Oh, so you don’t dance?” I hear someone say.

Besides me is an expectant, short man. And if I’m guessing correctly, about 80 years old.

“I’m not a very good dancer,” I apologize.

He scoffs, in the way that only the French seem to be able to.

“Come, come.”

Drifty To Dos

#1. Get Sketched In Montmarte

Explore Montmarte and befriend a local French artist.


#2. Celebrate Three Kings Day 

Find the traditional hidden toy in the cake. Ours was a tiny Buzz Lightyear.


#3. Visit A Mysterious Jazz Club

If I hadn’t been there the night before, I wouldn’t have known it was there at all.


#4. Visit Shakespeare & Co.


Eat avocado toast and fill out the Proust Questionnaire.


#5. Wander Around The Lourve

Be super artsy and tell all of your friends about it.


Travel Essays | Paris


"The evening before, sitting in the bar area of the Parisian hostel, the memory of him rushing through the closing doors played over and over.

Swigging a glass of cheap red wine, I attempted to explain to my co-worker, Jasmin, how I knew Marion, an explanation immediately followed with –

"You’re going to stay at her house… and you haven’t seen her in fifteen years?”


"It was my last day in Antony. Marion and I were sitting on her balcony in Antony, and she was smoking a cigarette.

Smoke bellowed out of her perfectly lipsticked mouth, as she said, with her immaculate French accent:

"Melissa, for you, I want a beautiful love story. A fairy tale."