I’m taking my writing show on the road.

A few months ago, I read an article about a woman who loved to clean.

I mean, she didn’t just love to clean. She had OCD. She was constantly cleaning her own home, to the exhaustion of friends and family.

When she lost her job, she decided to start cleaning houses to make ends meet.

That was the beginning of everything.

She ended up launching a maid service company. Turning that neurosis into an occupation was brilliant. It was the right fit.

I’m blunt and straightforward. I love to complain and make jabs. Thankfully, I’ve mastered the whole “there’s a time and place” thing so most of my complaints and jabs are made in jest… and at appropriate times.

Which basically sums up my short-lived stand-up career. 

I love to edit. I love being salty.

After working with a lot of outsourcers during my agency days, I’ve realized that my ability to fix copy is a superpower. I can sit down and make minimal edits to a blog post within 20 minutes. I get so much joy out of correcting mistakes.

Where others can read something and say, “it doesn’t sound right”, I can identify why.

I can fix it.

I’ve seen so many good, solid writers that only lack editing skills. Effective communicators that can’t spell. People that struggle with time management and procrastination.

They want to fix and finish their writing, but they never learned how to.

Freelance Copy Editing, Fast

That’s where I thrive, and that’s what Copy Salt, Co. is all about. I take what you already have, and turn it into something you can use. I help you finish blog posts, landing pages, emails, etc.

Even outside the agency, SaaS, and e-commerce world, there are so many people who just need help editing. Whether it be a short story, or an cover letter they’re struggling to complete, I want to help.

I can make your copy straightforward and effective.

And I’ll love being salty all the way through it.

Want to hire me? Head on over to Copy Salt, Co. to see what this is all about.