I don’t know how to feel about this place.

Shinola is so incredibly trendy, it’s basic.

I honestly can’t say if I loved or hated this place. Shinola is a watch store, meets cycling store, meets flower shop, meets… fancy notebook outlet?

There’s an article floating out on the internet (that I was told about) that talks about how far Detroit has come, how it’s having a renaissance. The only places included on the list were on the two blocks that Shinola is on.

A seemingly gentrified area full of upper class individuals willing to spend $130 on a pen.

But hey, that pen was made in ‘Merica!

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Shame on me, I know. But I feel very conflicted about places like this. I love the creativity and ingenuity, but am hesitant when I think about all the local businesses that may be heavily impacted by all of these overpriced shops and restaurants.

It is worth a visit, if even just for some people watching.

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To give you a taste:

When I was looking at a leather bound, handcrafted notebook, I heard someone scoff behind me, “He’s coming through, excuse him.”

Him, he – was a pitbull on an expensive looking black leather leash, who obviously was in dire need of a new locally sourced wallet.

I mean… I love dogs, but…