There are two types of mid-day breaks I welcome. Chips and guac breaks, and foofy art gallery breaks.

This post is about the latter.

While walking down Julia Street in NOLA, I stumbled on a row of galleries. Including Boyd Satellite. The grey, brick exterior intrigued me, and I walked inside to find a wall full of enlarged photos… of basketball hoops.

I’m not an art snob. I don’t even come close. But as I walked through the gallery, my boots clicking on the hardwood floors, all I could think was…


I wandered into a back room of the space, where I found some pieces that were more my taste.


I took a few art history classes while I was at Caz, as well as studio, photography, and mixed media courses. Before I switched to psychology (finally getting a degree in Film from Temple University), I desperately wanted to be an artist of some kind. I loved to write, but I needed the option to explore my other options.

I’ve continued my affair with creating, despite my obvious preference for writing. There’s just something so real and vulnerable about holding a paintbrush, or a pencil, or a super inky, sophisticated pen, just waiting to make something.

Drifty Rank: 7/10 sculptures that look like oversized jacks… even though I didn’t like 80% of the art, you should still wander out of your comfort zone.