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The theater is dark now. A solitary couple, with matching grey hued short haircuts share a cross look. Glancing behind them, they look at the girl, who is shamelessly drinking a tall glass of wine, munching on popcorn, and snapping pictures.

Hey, It’s Adventure Time!

It was almost three years ago. A friend of mine called me with a life crisis. For some reason, she chose to confide in me. I remember that night fondly, and as to protect her privacy, I won’t go into too many details.

Why I Get Naked

A cold breeze, then, goose bumps. I wait for the beep beep beep of the timer to go off before asking Donna Moore, the Museum School Director, if she has her space heater.


My friend Scott over at ArtSpace Raleigh shared this on his Facebook wall. I model there sometimes, and it’s an incredible mix of really talented people.