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The theater is dark now. A solitary couple, with matching grey hued short haircuts share a cross look. Glancing behind them, they look at the girl, who is shamelessly drinking a tall glass of wine, munching on popcorn, and snapping pictures.

The Dude Abides in Reykjavik

When you hop over to a foreign country, you just wanna grab a cold one, right? Meet up with some cool kids that probably won’t steal your passport or leave you tied to a flag pole or anything?

People, Lines & Idiots

During my last trip to Iceland, I didn’t go to The Blue Lagoon. I don’t remember why, it just didn’t work out. I was cool with it. Whilst hitchhiking, I happened upon Myvatn Nature Baths – basically the same thing, but smaller. Plus, they had cake there.

Fields of (Dead) Fish

  When I first arrived in Reykjavik, I had no idea how much Icelanders loved dried fish. The night we flew in, we went to a local grocery store since it was the only thing that was open.