Detroit is the largest city in the midwestern state of Michigan. Near Downtown, the neoclassical Detroit Institute of Arts is famed for the Detroit Industry Murals painted by Diego Rivera, and inspired by the city’s ties to the auto industry, giving it the nickname "Motor City." Detroit is also the birthplace of Motown Records, whose chart-topping history is on display at their original headquarters, Hitsville U.S.A.

I Saw Dave Fucking Chappelle At The Fillmore



Enter Detroit. Check out all the rad things I did while visiting Motor City. I’m a sucker for a good comeback. 

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If You Can’t Dodge A Wrench

The Fowling Warehouse is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an obscure game that takes place in a large, warehouse type space that has a bar. There’s rows and rows of people throwing footballs back and forth, in an attempt to hit down each other’s pins.

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Eating Pierogies Like A Hungry Savage

I love pierogies. I kind of have to, because I’m 49% Ukrainian.

What’s Ukrainian? It’s kind of like being Polish. Look at a map.

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At Cafe D’Mongo

Before Sandra and I went to see Dave Chappelle, we got kind of plastered.

I feel like Dave would be okay with that. Wanting to have “a drink or two” before heading to the show, Sandra brought me to this totally dope speakeasy in downtown. This… this place… this place goes on the favorites list.

I don’t have that list yet, but I’m working on it.

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That’s Green

There’s so much green in Detroit.

Just look at it. The big fields you see in cities (typically just a couple of vacant lots) are called urban meadows.

(Thanks for the knowledge bomb, S.)

It’s messy, wild, and beautiful.

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Being An Adorable Little Creeper

When I went out for coffee in Detroit, I originally went to a popular, well-known coffee place.

Dude, fuck that place.

It checked all my hipstery boxes in terms of aesthetics and coffee, but the thing that set me off was how their internet didn’t work. Just flat out, didn’t work.

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Drifty To Dos

#1. Shinola is so incredibly trendy!

Shinola, Detroit


#2. Bedroom - so called home!

Bedroom - so called home!

Bedroom - So called Home!


#3. Spicy Hot Espresso!

Spicy Hot Espresso


#4. La Vie Nom Rose

La Vie Nom Rose


#5. The Whitney Is Haunted…

The Whitney Is Haunted…


#6. Detroit : The Sugar House!

Apparently, They Don’t Serve Wine Here




#7. Kayaking On Belle Isle

Kayaking On Belle Isle


#8. Eastern Market is a place to eat.

The 2nd Best Farmer’s Market I’ve Gone To


#9. Driving Sandra Around Motor City

Cruising up and down the street of Detroit


#10. Thanks For The Free Coffee, Jack White

And it’s kind of awesome.